Society Of Radiographers Insurance Application

  1. 1. Please advise personal information as follows:
  2. 2. (a) Please advise details of Your Health & Care Professions Council registration as follows:
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  5. 3. (a) Please advise your membership number of the Society of Radiographers:
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  9. 4. (a) Please advise whether you contract using a legal Entity name (e.g. a registered Limited company) rather than in your own personal capacity, for fiscal purposes?*
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  13. Client Name Type of client (e.g. NHS Trust, Private Clinic, Private Hospital, Other Private Services Provider) Proportion of Annual Revenue Earned Average Working Hours For This Client Per Week
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  15. 5. Please advise your gross revenue (before deductions) earned as deatiled below. This should exclude work where you have a PAYE Employment contract with a corporate entity such as a NHS body or Private Limited Company (not considered under this insurance):*
  16. Estimate of current Financial Year Last Full Financial Year
    Private Work £ £
    Work for any NHS body or trust £ £
    Gross Revenue £ £
  17. 6. (a) Please advise what proportion (estimated %) of revenue earned in the last 12 month relates to the following:
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  19. %
  20. %
  21. %
  22. %
  23. %
  24. %
  25. (b)
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  27. 7. Have you ever had practice related issues in connection with drug and/or alcohol abuse, sexual addiction or mental illness?*
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  29. 8. Have you ever been diagnosed with, or treated for, a chronic physical or mental illness and/or disability?*
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  31. 9. Claims History
  32. This insurance is underwritten on a 'claims made' basis and Underwriters will exclude any claim and/or circumstance which could reasonably be expected to give rise to a claim, which is known by YOU prior to the inception date of the policy.

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