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How to obtain a quotation

Please complete our 'On-line Proposal Form' below and when you click on the ‘submit’ button, the completed proposal form will be emailed to us as a PDF document.  One of our team will then contact you to confirm your quotation. 

Please note that if you do note that if you do not see a 'Thank You' message on screen once you click 'Submit', then you have missed an answer in a required field.



You must take care in answering all the following questions which are relevant to us in providing this insurance and setting the terms and premium.  Please contact us if you do not understand the question or the nature of the information required.

Failure to provide information or the provision of incomplete or inaccurate information may result in the loss of cover or revised terms and/or premium or it may affect any claim you make under this insurance.

  1. 1. About you
  2. If you require us to take instruction on your behalf from any other person (i.e. partner, personal assistant or family member), please provide their name(s) and your relationship with them below:

    Name Relationship
  3. Please provide full details of all people (including you) that are resident at the property to be insured:

    Name Date of birth Relationship Occupation
  4. 2. Security
  5. Yes No
  6. Yes No
  7. Yes No
  8. Yes No
    1. Bells only
      Central station
  9. Yes No
    1. Wall
      Under floor
    2. Yes No
  10. If you have ticked ‘No’ to questions a, b or c above, or have any additional security in place (i.e. CCTV, entry phone, floodlights, porter, grilles or security gates) please provide full details in Section 11. Additional information

  11. 3. About the property to be insured
  12. Construction:

  13. Yes No
  14. Yes No
  15. Yes No
  16. Yes No
    1. Yes No
  17. Flood:

  18. Yes No
  19. Yes No
  20. Yes No
  21. Subsidence, landslip & heave:

  22. Yes No
  23. Yes No
  24. Yes No
  25. Yes No
  26. Yes No
  27. Earthquake:

  28. Yes No
  29. Business use & access:

  30. Yes No
  31. Yes No
  32. 4. Your previous history
  33. Yes No
  34. Yes No
  35. Yes No
  36. If you have ticked ‘Yes’ to questions d, e or f above, please provide full details in Section 11. Additional information

  37. 5. Type of property
  38. Main home
    Pied a Terre
    Second home
    Holiday home (family or friends use only)
    Let to tenants (6 months or more)
    Let to tenants (less than 6 months)
  39. Overnight
    In excess of 60 days
  40. 6. Amounts to be insured
  41. As standard, the amounts to be insured are in £ Sterling. If you require an alternative currency, please select one of the following options:

    1. GPB (£) EUR (€) USD ($)
  42. Section One - Buildings (full cost of reconstruction)

  43. £
  44. £
  45. Section Two - Contents (current cost as new)

  46. £
  47. £
  48. Section Three - Valuables, antiques & works of art (current cost as new)

  49. £
  50. £
  51. £
  52. £
  53. £
  54. £
  55. £
  56. £
  57. £
  58. £
    1. £
  59. £
  60. 7. Excess
  61. £250
  62. 8. Your claims history
  63. Yes No
  64. If Yes, please provide details below:

    Date of loss Value of claim Details of loss
  65. 9. Data Protection Act 1998
  66. Any information you have provided will be dealt with by us in compliance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998. For the purpose of providing this insurance & handling of any claims, which may arise under it, Underwriters may need to transfer certain information, which you have provided to other parties. By signing this proposal you agree that such transfer(s) may be made.

  67. 10. Declaration
  68. I/we declare that the information disclosed on this proposal, is to the best of my/our knowledge and belief both accurate and complete. I/we have taken care not to make any misrepresentation in the disclosure of this information and understand that all information provided is relevant to the acceptance and assessment of this insurance, the terms on which it is accepted and the premium charged.

    I/we agree to tell you as soon as possible about any changes to the information I/we have provided to you, which happens before or during any period of insurance. Your broker will tell you if any such change affects your insurance and if so, whether the change will result in revised terms and/or premium being applied to your policy. If you do not inform us about a change it may affect any claim you make or could result in your insurance being invalid.

    No cover is in force until this proposal has been accepted by us and you have received confirmation to this effect. We reserve the right to decline any insurance proposal or to offer different premium and terms from those quoted dependent on the information you have provided.

  69. 11. Additional information
  70. User Authentication
  71. Some people use robots (automatic programs) that have a negative impact on our website and its users. By answering the question below, you will prove you are not a robot.

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